• Our 2023 Workshops

    Those who register for the PCPA 2023 Annual Conference will select one of the four or five workshops in each time slot.

    The first time slot (the first row of four photos and descriptions) is scheduled for Thursday, April 20, 4-5 p.m. CT.

    The second time slot (the second row of five photos and descriptions) is scheduled for Friday, April 21, 9-10 a.m. CT.

    The third time slot (the third & fourth row of five photos and descriptions) is scheduled for Friday, April 21, 10:30-11:30 a.m. CT


    But if you can't decide or want to see two or more at the same time, all who are registered for the conference will receive links to all of the recorded workshops after the conference!

    To see the entire conference agenda and to register, please go to the PCPA Annual Conference registration website.

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    Best Practices in Nonprofit Accounting

    Tim Hudson serves as a Partner and Chief Operating Officer at The Charity CFO, LLC.  The Charity CFO provides outsourced accounting solutions for nonprofit organizations across the country.  Tim is a certified public accountant with experience in nonprofit accounting and auditing, having served more than 200 clients throughout his career.


    Workshop Description:

    Join us to learn what nonprofit organizations across the country are doing to ensure their accounting operations are efficient, effective, and reliable.


    Tim Hudson will present general tips and guidance on accounting best practices for nonprofit organizations. Learn how to leverage limited resources to get the most out of your financial reporting and how to better understand your accounting reports.”


    Who should attend?
    Nonprofit leaders, board members, finance/accounting staff, and anyone who is concerned about making good decisions about the financial aspects of their organization


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    The State of Religion & Young People: How the Most Diverse Generation in History Approaches Faith

    Dr. Angela Patterson is a media psychologist, writer, and communicator who currently serves as the head writer and editor at Springtide Research Institute®.


    Using her communications background, she also teaches organizational behavior and culture in the master’s program for Organization Development and Leadership at Fielding Graduate University.


    Angela earned a doctorate in media psychology from Fielding, where she studied how media and technology affect cultural institutions. Specifically, her research focused on how digital media affect the religious and spiritual development of adolescents and young adults. Angela also holds a master’s degree in journalism from Indiana University Bloomington and a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Southern Mississippi.


    Angela lives in downtown Dallas, Texas, and is a proud plant mom of two.Find her on Instagram at @drangelapatterson.


    Workshop Description:

    There are many narratives around young people and a movement away from religious belief and practice. Yet data collected by Springtide Research Institute is telling a different story.


    In this session, we’ll explore Springtide data on the religious and spiritual lives of people 13-25 to understand how they’re experiencing belief, practice, identity and community, and then look at some of the approaches Springtide has identified to engage young people that could inform publication and curriculum content.


    Who should attend?
    Editors, marketers, executives and anyone interested in trends in faith formation, especially with youth and young adults.

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    Lessons Learned Selling Books Direct to Consumers and Through Non-Traditional Channels

    Sponsored by Silver Workshop Sponsor AdvantageCS

    Brian Nordyke, eCommerce Manager, Sheridan
    In 40 years with Sheridan, Brian has worked in a number of areas including Production, Scheduling, and IT. As eCommerce Manager since 2012, Brian has assisted over 100 publishers develop direct-to-consumer solutions resulting in $3M annually in retail sales.


    Workshop Description:

    Come share your experiences and hear from other publishers about the lessons learned selling books direct to consumers and through non-traditional channels. Questions will include, but will not be limited to:
    With fewer bookstores, how do you reach consumers directly?
    Whether you are new to the direct-to-consumer eCommerce world or have had an eCommerce platform in place for years, are you leveraging all the benefits that direct-to-consumer sales have to offer?
    What tactics can you apply to grow your eCommerce sales after the initial sale?
    What unique ways can digital coupons be used?
    Attendees will be encouraged to share their experiences and questions throughout the session and help steer the talking points so they touch on what the audience is interested in.


    Is there a question around eCommerce or selling direct to consumers that you’d like addressed during the session? If so, submit your question to session speaker brian.nordyke@sheridan.com by no later than March 31.


    Who should attend?
    Production manager, sales, marketing, advertising, executives

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    Readaloud creation: enriching a fixed layout epub with audio and word highlighting  

    Sponsored by Silver Workshop Sponsor Core Publishing Solutions


    Larry Bennett, Executive Director, North America, manages North America for French technology company Nord Compo, the leading supplier of composition and digital services to French language publishers.


    Prior to Nord Compo, he was President of Distribution at Bookmasters, Inc., where he was responsible for managing the global distribution business, including print and eBooks. Before Bookmasters, he served as Vice President of Digital Print Media at Baker & Taylor, where he was responsible for developing and managing the company's Digital Print Media (print on demand) business worldwide. Additionally, he has been the CEO of several small publishing and distribution start-ups.

    Workshop Description:

    In this session, the participants are given a children's picture book that they must enrich in order to offer young readers/students a tool that they can use in class and at home as part of their learning to read.


    Here, we support the participant in the choice of enrichments in order to finally allow him/her to build a readaloud ePub. We would do this by providing a URL with the necessary elements to allow each participant to work on it on their respective laptops.


    Each participant will be doing the work on a device- phone, laptop or tablet.


    Who should attend?
    Production, editors, marketers, executives


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    Partnering with Your Printer: Tools for Success

    Executive Director and 4th generation family management at Versa Press, Inc., Matt Kennell works at the cross section of the Book Manufacturing and Book Publishing industries.


    Nominated to the BISG board of directors for the coming 2-year term. He also serves on the Board of Directors, in the Treasurer role, at Open Arms Food Pantry, a non-profit food pantry in Metamora, IL, working to help the hungry and those who need a helping hand.


    Matt is a Christ follower and proud father of 4 daughters.


    Versa Press is one of PCPA's two Platinum Sponsors for 2023.


    Workshop Description:

    Presentation discussing ways for a publisher and printer to collaborate better for ideal outcomes.

    Includes schedule efficiencies via pre-loading titles, and committing early enough with your printer for shorter lead times (while maintaining flexibility).


    Will include tools and additional documents that we will distribute to workshop attendees.

    A) Page count calculator for understanding cost optimization across different trim and signature sizes

    B) Tool for converting number of text sheets (number of signatures) to units

    C) Google sheets shared document for demonstrating transparent communication and how that can benefit lead times via a different model of forecasting and capacity planning.


    Who should attend?
    The following attendees may find this of interest: inventory, purchasing and production professionals as well as CEO's and executives. Or anyone else involved with publisher/printer collaboration

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    Overcoming the 5 Barriers to Royalty Automation

    Rachel Rigdon, Director of Sales, MetaComet has an extensive background in business consulting and small business ownership. Connecting with and listening to customers is where she finds she’s able to make the biggest impact.


    Rachel received her education at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa and currently lives in Cedar Rapids, Iowa with her family. Rachel is President Elect for Junior League of Cedar Rapids, President Elect for ChildServe Iowa City Advisory Board, Committee Member for Cedar Rapids Sunrise Rotary’s largest fundraiser and Advisory Board Committee Member for her daughter’s school. Rachel plays tennis for a local USTA league and enjoys hiking, biking, reading and travel.


    Workshop Description:

    Automating the calculation and payment of royalties is a sure-fire way to improve accuracy and efficiency.


    Good royalty management should be part of the strong foundations of all publishing businesses. It saves time, reduces risk, and establishes a strong reputation.


    MetaComet’s royalty management systems can deliver these benefits and more, but we know that publishers can be hesitant about introducing new technology. This is perfectly understandable as change can be unpredictable. Most of us have experienced hitches in installing new software of some kind, whether personally or professionally. However, in our experience it is easier to remedy problems and roll out new systems than you might think.


    This workshop will go over the five barriers of royalty automation that we encounter most often – and how MetaComet can help overcome them.


    Who should attend?
    Publishers, Editors, Finance, IT, Royalty Administrators, Executives

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    Rights (and Wrongs) of Publishing: Legal Issues that Every Publisher Should Know

    Craig Gipson represents publishers and distributors of Christian media in the Bend, Oregon office of Flagler Law Group. He regularly advises publishers on issues such as fair use, licensing, publishing contracts, libel, trademark, and infringement.


    Before joining the Flagler Law Group team in 2011, Craig practiced education and real estate law with Brackett & Ellis in Fort Worth, Texas. He graduated from The University of Texas in 2005 and The University of Texas School of Law in 2008. He and his wife Jessie have two sons and enjoy reading, sports, and outdoor activities.

    Workshop Description:

    When can content owned by someone else be published without asking permission? Can our organization publish a true story about someone even if they would be offended? Does the name of a popular curriculum series need trademark protection?


    This session will answer these questions and provide insight into the basic legal issues every publisher should know and be able to identify. Attendees will learn about copyright, trademarks, fair use, and rights of privacy that affect publishers everyday.


    The session will include interactive discussion of legal situations that publishers commonly confront. Topics are ideal for individuals working in editorial, marketing, and executive positions.

    Who should attend?
    Executives, editors, marketers, operations, rights managers

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    Know Your Audience: The Power of Reader Data, Analytics, 
    and Old-Fashioned Listening

    Lou Ann Sabatier is Principal of Sabatier Consulting. With over 40 years senior management experience in publishing and publishing consulting, Lou Ann has delivered and supported a wide range of services including strategic planning, business and audience development, research, change management and finance.


    Since its launch six years ago, Sabatier has served as the Director of Communications for 21Wilberforce, a Christian international human rights organization dedicated to defending the universal rights of religion, belief, and conscience for all people.


    In addition to consulting, Lou Ann has been the CEO of a political media company, Managing Director for an international economics publication and Associate Publisher for a national opinion magazine. Early in her career, Lou Ann also served as a literary agent, packaging and selling non-fiction works on politics, economics, and cultural criticism.


    Workshop Description:

    We live in a world that's overflowing with information. Sifting through all the noise to extract the most relevant insights on your audience can be tough. As editors, marketers, and senior managers you have to stop, look and listen to your audience.


    Conducting audience research, studying web analytics, reviewing email performance metrics and practicing social listening will enable you to get a better understanding of your audience, which in turn will help you connect with them. It enables you to be customer-centric, rather than product led in your thinking.


    Audience research can help you prioritize how best to meet their needs or decide who to focus on, how to reach them, or what to offer them. It can also help provide evidence for marketing claims that you may want to make but (as yet) have no evidence to support. The best, most revealing insights are usually discovered when we are able to explore.


    Who should attend?
    Editors, marketers, designers, business analysts, researchers, executives


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    Consumer Data Roundup 2022

    Sponsored by Silver Workshop Sponsor FrontGate Media


    Brooke Borneman is a Client Development Director at Circana, a leading global market research company that provides unparalleled technology, advanced analytics, cross-industry data and deep industry expertise to more than 7,000 of the world's leading brands and retailers. She is responsible for maximizing client engagement with Circana BookScan reporting tools and data. Brooke is a twenty-five year veteran of the publishing industry, where her career has spanned many roles including sales, marketing and new business development.


    Workshop Description:

    Brooke Borneman, Client Development Director at NPD BookScan, will present an overview of 2022’s consumer book buying trends and data insights—with a special focus on the Christian book market.


    Who should attend?

    Anyone interested in retail sales trends for Christian content, especially books and Bibles. Publishers, Editors, Finance, Sales, Marketing, and Executives


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    Paper Geek: The Hands-on Experience

    Brandie Herrell is the Sales Representative for the Southeast US at Friesens Corporation.


    She personally oversees titles printing from Hachette, Chalice Press, Lifeway Christian and many more esteemed, PCPA publishers.


    She resides with her 3 sons in Brunswick, GA. Brandie is a member of Community Church and volunteers for Newpoint Partnership, a Christian non-profit.


    She takes particular pride and interest in being involved with book projects that spread God’s Word and messages of hope and faith, as she feels that she is called to do so.

    Friesens is the PCPA Heads of Houses Luncheon Sponsor for 2023.


    Workshop Description:

    Brandie Herrell will provide an assortment of physical, paper samples for my fellow paper geeks to see, touch, feel and smell the paper! As attendees browse the paper samples, she will share her expertise on which lines are the most (or least) eco-friendly, budget-friendly, readily available in current market or just hidden gems. A combo demonstration/presentation. She will also be offering the attendees access to samples prior to the conference.


    Who should attend?
    Production Managers, Purchasing, Editors, Marketers, Designers and Executives

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    The Future of Technology for Publishers and Media Companies: Utilizing IT to Increase ROI

    Sebastian Mayeres, CEO for knkSoftware began his career with knk while still in college. With 20+ years in technology, he is an expert in the complex solutions it offers.


    Managing complex, international IT projects, he has supported hundreds of publishing houses looking to optimize their operational processes and growth opportunities. In addition to being responsible for the expansion of knk’s North American business, Sebastian also oversees the international sales team in Europe.

    knkSoftware is one of PCPA's two Gold Keynote Sponsors for 2023.


    Workshop Description:

    Join Sebastian Mayeres, CEO of knk Software LP, as he looks ahead through 2023 and beyond on industry and technology trends in publishing. He will discuss how publishers can participate in these trends and what they should be preparing in order to stay current with the future of technology and enable new business models to move forward. This workshop is geared towards executives and people interested in technology.
    Some of the topics will include new technologies such as AI, Low Code / No Code platforms, eliminating data silos, new technologies that save costs and increase revenue, how to choose your technology solutions, digitizing your operations and process and future-proofing solutions for IT systems.


    Who should attend?
    Executives, editors, marketers, finance, operations, IT, human resources

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    Digital Equality: The Importance of Accessibility in Your Publishing Strategy

    Sanjay Tangri, Senior Director, Content Services at KnowledgeWorks Global Ltd. (KGL), is an accomplished publishing executive having more than twenty years of experience in business development, program management and operations management.


    In his current role at KGL, he helps publishers and content providers develop workflow strategies and finding ways to reduce their costs of creating, managing, and distributing content.


    He holds an MBA (Gold Medalist) and BS in Electronics Engineering degree; He is PMP certified and hold a Six Sigma Black Belt.


    Workshop Description:

    Creating content that is “born accessible” is often driven by ethical reasons or compliance requirements, but it also opens opportunities for publishers to expand their reach. The same technologies that improve access to materials for people with visual, hearing, mobility, perceptual and cognitive limitations can also be tremendously useful to all readers.


    In this interactive workshop, learn practical tips and discover how verified accessible content drives positive social change AND makes good business sense.


    KGL will present examples of best practices, and the audience is encouraged to bring their questions and past issues (or submit in advance, if possible) on Section 508, WCAG, alt-text, metadata, discoverability, HTML5 or ePUB outputs.


    Who should attend?
    This session will be of interest to publishing professionals in management, editorial, product development, production, marketing, and sales.


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    Forecasting and supply planning for publishers

    Ken Brooks is president of Treadwell Media Group, a publishing operations and strategy consulting firm focused on the higher education and trade publishing sectors.


    Prior to Treadwell he was the Chief Content Officer for the Academic and Professional Learning division of Wiley, where his responsibilities included development and production of higher education, reference, test prep and trade titles. Before Wiley he has held senior positions at Macmillan Learning, McGraw-Hill Education, Cengage Learning, Simon & Schuster, and Random House.


    Workshop Description:

    Attendees will learn how to do simple title-level forecasts based on historical data and similar titles and convert those into print capacity and paper requirements that can be shared with suppliers. The goal is to establish a dynamic conversation with suppliers based on the latest available information.


    The workshop will start with a few slides of overview, but include an Excel workbook with fake title information to illustrate the entire process. The bulk of the workshop will be manipulating data in the workbook to see how they can be used. Publishers are encouraged to bring their own data for hands-on experimentation.


    Who should attend?
    Anyone interested in understanding how projected sales, inventory levels and manufacturing all come together to ensure adequate supply is available. Finance, inventory, manufacturing, purchasing, sales, marketers and executives.

    After a short presentation, the bulk of the workshop will be devoted to your questions and concerns.

  • To see the entire conference agenda and to register, please go to the PCPA Annual Conference registration website.