• Third Thursdays Webinars

    Free monthly educational programs on a wide range of topics


    Just as our Publishing Company and Adjunct Company Members have had to adapt to changing technologies, sales channels and reading habits of our customers, PCPA has adapted, too, by launching our Third Thursdays webinar program!


    As the name implies, these are 1-hour educational webinars on a wide range of topics of interest to those publishing for Protestant Christians. Generally, the facilitator speaks or offers a PowerPoint or video for 20 to 40 minutes, then the balance of the time is reserved for discussion and Q&A among the participants.


    Pre-registration is required. Links for the next couple of webinars are included below. Best of all? These webinars are all FREE for employees of PCPA member companies and are generally available about one week after the event at the PCPA Vimeo channel.



    Thursday, June 15, 2023
    1-2 p.m. ET/noon-1 p.m. CT/10-11 a.m. PT

    Producing & Distributing High Quality Audiobooks

    A webinar led by PCPA Adjunct Member

    Book Buddy Media

    in partnership with Author's Republic




    The global audio market is once again the fastest growing segment of publishing and will top out at close to $6 billion in revenue in 2023. Demand has never been higher for audiobooks. There has also never been an easier or more affordable time to get your content produced and distributed. Owning audio content is both a powerful brand-builder that helps sells print books and eBooks, while also creating a new revenue stream.



    • Distribution is simple. Find the right distribution partner to reach every audio customer a growing worldwide audio market.
    • The marketing you do for your content will benefit your audiobook and vice versa.
    • Many young people listen more than they read. Get access to these new customers.
    • Producing audio is like printing a book. Find the right partner who can affordably produce professional audiobooks ready for global distribution.
    • Is AI the right choice for my audiobook production?


    Together, Book Buddy Media and Author’s Republic handle end-to-end production and distribution of audiobooks. Brett Hodus and Lindsay Senior will walk publishers through creating and selling audio content, and answer publisher’s questions. Getting into the audio business has never been easier or more profitable.


    Who should attend:

    Editors, marketers, C-suite, production and purchasing professionals or anyone interested in sharing content via audio books.


    Register for the June 15 webinar here




    Thursday, July 20 , 2023
    1-2 p.m. ET/noon-1 p.m. CT/10-11 a.m. PT

    Managing and Reducing Costs of International Delivery

    A webinar led by PCPA Adjunct Member

    Direct Link



    In this webinar, we will be discussing ways to manage and reduce costs of international delivery, challenging distributor partners to look into alternative shipping options and utilizing different mail formats to find the most cost-effective way to ship your printed matter or book internationally.


    This webinar will be led by Wesley Dumas, Regional Sales Manager for Direct Link.


    Who should attend:

    Logistics managers, purchasing, finance, etc.


    Register for the July 20 webinar here





    Thursday, August 17 , 20231-2 p.m. ET/noon-1 p.m. CT/10-11 a.m. PT 

    Are your publishing operations secure? Strategies for protecting yourself, your employees and your authors


    A webinar led by PCPA Adjunct Member MetaComet and PCPA Freelance Member Treadwell Media



    Security breaches are becoming more common, and when they happen, the damage both financially and to your reputation can be severe. From ransomware to system hacks, the vulnerabilities are numerous and growing. Yet the complexity of securing your organization can be daunting. In this session, two veteran industry thought leaders, Ken Brooks and David Marlin, will discuss several of your options for securing your business from cyber-attacks, and when and if security certification may make sense.


    Who Should Attend:

    C-Suite, publishers, editors, finance, risk managers, IT, marketers, etc.


    Register for the August 17 webinar here





    Thursday, September 21, 2023
    1-2 p.m. ET/noon-1 p.m. CT/10-11 a.m. PT

    Title TBD

    A webinar led by PCPA Adjunct Member and

    2022 & 2023 Break Sponsor

    Color House Graphics





    Thursday, October 19, 2023
    1-2 p.m. ET/noon-1 p.m. CT/10-11 a.m. PT

    Title TBD

    A webinar led by PCPA Adjunct Member

    Apricot Services





    Thursday, November 16, 2023
    1-2 p.m. ET/noon-1 p.m. CT/10-11 a.m. PT

    Title TBD

    A webinar led by Open Road Integrated Media





    Thursday, December 21, 2023
    1-2 p.m. ET/noon-1 p.m. CT/10-11 a.m. PT

    Title TBD

    A webinar led by PCPA freelance member

    Helena Brantley

    Red Pencil Publicity + Marketing