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    1517 Media:

    Director of Purchasing and Inventory Planning


    1517 Media has a new job posting for the role of Director of Purchasing and Inventory Planning. This is a hybrid role based in Minneapolis.


    The Director of Purchasing and Inventory Planning manages all print and indirect procurement as well as physical inventory levels at 1517 Media. This role works closely with publishing units and the finance team to ensure that products and supplies are available at the right time, cost, and quality to support 1517 Media’s strategic goals for optimal profitability, working capital, and ethical sourcing.


    The Director of Purchasing and Inventory Planning supervises a team working across all 1517 Media publishing units; selects and manages the performance of external vendors; sets an operations budget and works with the publishing units and finance team to create and monitor product budgets; and collaborates with colleagues to support and lead cross-functional workflows, improvements, and initiatives. Alongside the Sr. Director of Publishing Operations, the Director is responsible for ensuring that both internal and external stakeholders’ needs around 1517 Media purchasing and inventory control are met, resulting in high satisfaction. This position requires the employee to reside in the Twin Cities and work onsite at our corporate office in Minneapolis 3+ days a week.


    Liturgical Press: Editor

     Liturgical Press has a position open for an Editor.


    The 2011 launch of Give Us This Day, a daily prayer devotional for today’s Catholic, revitalized the work of the Press with the spirit of Vatican II and the vision of Virgil Michel—the full and active participation of all people in the liturgy of the church.


    The Press seeks an experienced, spiritually mature, and ecclesially focused editor who is a practicing Roman Catholic and who can embrace the Benedictine charism. The successful candidate will possess editorial experience in supporting many authors simultaneously toward crafting superior work, as well as a vision that welcomes a breadth of voices by seeking diversity and inclusion in both content topics and author-contributors.


    Find the details of this job posting here.

    Applications are being received through April 30, 2023.


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