• About us

    PCPA stands for Protestant Church-Owned Publishers Association.

    We are an international association of non-profit, Protestant denominational publishers and other non-profit Christian publishers who serve one or more Protestant denominations through the content we create, publish or distribute. In addition, we are supported by Adjunct Members who provide products and services that make our work possible. And, we have Freelance, Individual and Student Members.


    Our publishing company members publish content using a wide range of print and digital media and serve Christians through congregations, higher education, outdoor ministries, libraries and other organizations. In addition, our member companies create resources for families and individuals of all ages.

    PCPA has a rich history. Founded in 1951, it has provided a place for education for the staff of the member companies through conferences, webinars and newsletters. In addition, PCPA provides a place for people doing similar types of work to network and share insights about the always changing publishing & media industries. From time to time PCPA has sponsored market research projects that meet the needs of a number of our publishing company members.

    Traditionally, PCPA has held two in-person meetings each year: a meeting for the staff of all of our member companies in the spring and a gathering of the Heads of Houses each fall.


    PCPA is financially supported in five ways:

    • Annual dues from publishing company, adjunct, freelance and individual members
    • Registration fees for our annual spring conference
    • Sponsorships from Adjunct Member companies for specific gatherings (for example, lunch at our annual conference or a particular issue of our newsletter, etc.)
    • Advertising from Adjunct Member companies via our newsletter, Annual Conference and website
    • And, since we are a not-for-profit organization, we welcome donations from members and friends.

    All of these types of financial support helps ensure the ongoing work of PCPA in support of denominational publishers during a challenging time. Denominations are shrinking which means that congregations and other faith-based organizations purchase fewer resources. In addition, the economy is in flux and the publishing industry changes almost daily. PCPA provides educational resources, networking and access to industry experts to assist publishers of Protestant resources.



    PCPA encourages all nonprofit Christian publishers from around the world to consider membership, and all employees of PCPA members to become involved. If your company is a member, then you are a member! You’ll find that the opportunity to learn from and with others in similar publishing enterprises is of immeasurable value.


    PCPA Leadership

    PCPA is primarily a volunteer-led organization with a Corporation that meets at least annually. The Corporation elects the Board of Directors. The Board is made up of the Publishing Company Member Heads of Houses and also meets at least annually. There are three officers who come from the Board of Directors. These roles are rotated among the Board membership approximately every two years. The current leadership team includes:

  • President

    Robin Johnston

    Editor in Chief and Publisher
    United Pentecostal Church International
    Term: May 2022–April 2024

    Vice President

    Janelle Vernon

    Communication and Administration Executive

    Director, Wesleyan Publishing House

    Term: May 2022–April 2024



    Kara Lassen Oliver

    Executive Director of Content and Associate Publisher

    The Upper Room
    Term: May 2022–April 2024

    Executive Director

    Beth Lewis

  • Should you have questions or need additional information about PCPA,

    please contact Executive Director, Beth Lewis at beth.lewis@pcpaonline.org.