• Our 2022 Workshops

    Those who register for the PCPA 2022 Annual Conference will select one of four workshops in each time slot.


    The first time slot (the first row of four photos and descriptions) is scheduled for Thursday, April 28, 3-4 p.m. CT

    The second time slot (the second row of four photos and descriptions) is schedule for Friday, April 29, 8:30-9:30 a.m. CT

    The third time slot (the third row of four photos and descriptions) is scheduled for Friday, April 29, 9:50-10:50 a.m. CT


    But, if you can't decide or want to see two or more at the same time, all who are registered for the conference will receive links to all of the recorded workshops after the conference!


    To see the entire conference agenda and to register, please go to the PCPA Annual Conference registration website.

    Take Advantage of the Search Volume on Amazon

    Joseph Glorioso is an Account Manager at Lakeside Book Company where he helps publishers of all sizes find their audiences, market their books, craft their metadata, and develop strategies and roadmaps for long-term success. He has been in publishing since 2007 and has worked to develop and execute growth plans with independent retailers, national accounts, and Amazon.


    Lakeside Books is one of PCPA's three Gold Sponsors for 2022.


    Workshop Description:

    Millions of people search for products on Amazon every day. Competing amongst other books for their attention requires a lot of work. We'll talk about optimizing your product pages and advertising to get the most out of their search volume.
    This workshop would be best attended by Sales and Marketing professionals

    Sales Tax in the Not-for-profit World

    Abigail Campbell and Kelvin Ault are experience CPA's with Blankenship CPA Group. She is a Tax manager specializing in nonprofit tax and he is a Principal specializing in tax and M&A consulting.


    Leigh Ann Vernich is a CPA with LBMC as Senior Manager, State and Local Tax.


    Workshop Description:

    What not-for-profits need to know about sales tax when it comes to sales for resale, retail sales, and sales to other not-for-profits. We will discuss online sales including subscriptions, Software as a Service (SaaS), Wayfair legislation, and marketplace facilitator rules. Additionally, we will cover Unrelated Business Income Tax implications of online sales.

    Plans and Hopes for Faith Formation Amidst and Beyond the Pandemic

    Dr. Allison Norton is the Faculty Associate in Migration Studies and Congregational Life at Hartford International University (formerly Hartford Seminary), where she directs the Pastoral Innovation Network of New England.


    Hannah Evans is a Doctoral Research Fellow at the Hartford Institute for Religion Research


    Workshop Description:

    This workshop will be centered around results from a survey conducted by the Exploring the Pandemic Impact on Congregations project (www.covidreligionresearch.org) at Hartford Institute for Religion Research on the topic of religious education and publishing. The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically impacted houses of worship across the globe in many capacities, introducing a host of challenges and opportunities for churches in terms of their faith formation. In this workshop, we will share preliminary findings regarding how the pandemic has affected Sunday school attendance, the modalities of instruction, and the overall landscape of budget and decision-making surrounding religious education. In doing so, we will explore innovative practices that churches have adopted to preserve or radically restructure their approach to Christian faith formation.

    Adapting to the New Reality:  Balancing the Supply Chain & Sustainability Imperatives

    David Hetherington is the Vice President – Global Business Development Books International, a leading provider of US digital manufacturing, print and e-book distribution services for the book publishing industry. Mr. Hetherington’s publishing portfolio reflects a broad range of responsibilities including both VP of Manufacturing as well as VP of Financial Planning for Simon & Schuster’s Higher Education Group. In addition, Mr. Hetherington held other senior leadership roles in Finance, Operations, and Sales at Reader’s Digest, Wolters Kluwer Health, Columbia University Press and Baker & Taylor. He also served in senior roles in the book publishing software industry including COO of Klopotek North America and as CMO of knk Software LP.

    Books International is one of PCPA's two Platinum Sponsors for 2022.

    Workshop Description:

    Covid 19 has reshaped the world as we know it and the book publishing community is certainly not exempt from these dramatic changes. With the supply chain strained to the breaking point, e-commerce emerging as THE primary distribution channel, publishers pivoting to build their own D2C operations, and the importance of book publishers environmental commitment reinforced daily by climate issues and consumer activism the book industry must come to grips with building for the “new normal” and preparing for future uncertainties. The session will look at the major supply chain and sustainability issues and most importantly the strategies and tactics used by publishers and their industry partners are using to not only cope but thrive in this extraordinary environment.

    Measuring Your Website’s Effectiveness: Title Visibility, Website Search and Google Analytics

    Sarah Arbuthnot is the Commercial & Partnerships Director at leading publishing website provider Supadü. Sarah has worked for the company since it started in 2010 across customer services and business development. Her interests and experience have been focused on consumer behavior and specifically how consumers behave in the digital world in respect of what they buy and how they shop


    Workshop Description:

    Using Google Analytics and analyzing your website search are key ways to measure your website's effectiveness. Whether you are looking to generate more sales, increase email sign-ups, or attract new authors or submissions, Supadu's Sarah Arbuthnot will help you understand your website data. Key areas of focus are:

    • Where to find the analytics and how to analyze your search results
    • How to understand user behavior and audience demographics
    • What bounce rates and dwell time can tell you
    • Different types of traffic drivers
    • Target pages and top performing pages
    • Setting out identifiable goals

    Understanding the 4 Phases of Royalty Management, and How Best to Optimize

    David Marlin cofounded MetaComet® Systems in 2000. Beyond his expertise in the world of royalty automation, David is committed to enhancing the technological capabilities of the publishing world through his work as the founding co-chairman of the Book Industry Study Group’s (BISG) Digital Sales Reporting Committee and a former co-chair of the BISG Rights Committee. He is a regular speaker and contributor to industry events.


    MetaComet® is sponsoring the PCPA Heads of Houses Luncheon for 2022.


    Workshop Description:

    For many publishers, royalty management is a time consuming, error-prone process. It turns out that there are 4 phases of royalty management. By looking at each phase independently, operational efficiencies and can be found and valuable information accessed. In this session, David Marlin, President of MetaComet Systems, will introduce you to the 4 phases of royalty management, and how best to optimize each.

    How Christian Publishing Can Better Navigate in a Pandemic Climate

    Brandie Herrell is the Sales Representative for the Southeast US at Friesens Corporation, but no matter where your PCPA Publishing company is located, she will be happy to assist you!


    She resides with her 4 children in Nashville, TN. Miss Herrell came aboard at Friesens in the fall of 2020 after working for many years at a commercial printing company in Nashville. Under the tutelage of the 114-year-old book printing experts in Manitoba, Canada, she is quickly gaining knowledge and expertise in the book printing/publishing industry.


    Brandie is a member of Love’s Way Church in Lebanon, TN and volunteers in children’s church ministry. She takes particular pride and interest in being involved with book projects that spread God’s Word and messages, as she feels that she is called to do so.


    Friesens is one of PCPA's three Gold Sponsors for 2022.


    Workshop Description:

    The good news is that book sales are up and publishers are reaping the benefits of higher demands. However, much of the Christian publishing market has had long-lasting ties with overseas printing that has become a challenge in these days of Covid. Let me help you navigate better North American print partnerships through education on timing, planning, scheduling, paper choices, stock delays, freight difficulties and warehousing possibilities. We are all in this together!

    Expand the Boundaries of Content with Digital Experiences

    John Beall, East Region Sales Director, Book Group for Sheridan. For over 30 years John has worked with hundreds of corporate, independent, and religious publishers, along with both major U.S. and International university presses and nonprofit organizations, with the manufacturing and distribution of their books and publications in various formats. John joined Sheridan in 2010 and has managed the East Coast sales region since 2015, working with publishers from New England to Florida to Texas.


    Waseem Andrabi is VP Learning Solutions at KnowledgeWorks Global Ltd. (KGL) Waseem leads KGL’s learning solutions and content sales teams. He brings two decades of experience in working for content centric companies in roles ranging from account and project management, workflow development, operations management, sales, and marketing. Waseem is an accomplished publishing executive dedicated to the development and implementation of high-quality print and digital products. He holds a BS in Economics from Delhi University and an MBA from the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade.


    Workshop Description:

    Reimagining your content can facilitate its understanding and widen your audience. Making information available in multiple forms (print and electronic) lets your readers choose where and how they interact with your content. Find out how to produce conventional books and eBooks more efficiently and to offer animations, games, courses, and other digital assets that will attract and delight readers of all ages.

    This session will be of interest to publishing professionals in management, editorial, production, product development, curriculum, art & design, marketing, and sales.

    Unlock Business Value from Data for Service-Oriented Firms 

    Kejia Hu is currently a Brownlee O. Currey Jr. Dean's Faculty Fellow and Assistant Professor at Vanderbilt University's School of Management. With a Ph.D. from Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, Hu's expertise lies in service operations, artificial intelligence, and business analytics. She has worked with firms (L'Oreal, Marriott International, Dell, Alibaba, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, etc.) to unlock their business value from data.


    Workshop Description:

    How to enhance a service-oriented firm's performance cost-effectively? The secret recipe or the magic touch lies in your firms' data reserve. The workshop discusses data-driven approaches to propose innovative service strategies. With real-world examples from healthcare, hotel, service units in large firms, and more, the audience will learn a complete cycle from business analytics to performance improvement.

    How are You Leveraging Marketing Automation?

    With over 18 years' experience in publishing software, Sebastian Mayeres, CEO for knkSoftware LP began his career with knk while still at university. Managing complex, international IT projects, he has supported hundreds of publishing houses looking to optimize their operational processes and growth opportunities. In addition to being responsible for the expansion of knk's US business, Sebastian also overseas the international sales team in Europe.


    Maximilian Schneider, Head of Pre-Sales for knkGroup, has been a part of the publishing and media industry for more than 15 years. He started his career as a software developer on project teams that implemented the publishing software knkPublishing. A couple of years later, he joined the sales team and used his skills and expertise to professionalize software demos for clients and prospects. This led to the formation of a new department: knk Pre-Sales, headed by Maximilian today, which conducts software demos of the knkUniverse across the globe.


    knkSoftware is one of PCPA's two Platinum Sponsors for 2022.


    Workshop Description:

    The future is here, and marketing automation enables publishers large and small to meet their customers where they are with the content they need. In this interactive workshop for marketers, Sebastian and Maximilian will lead a peer-to-peer conversation with likeminded people facing the same issues around marketing automation. As a group, we’ll cover common headaches, issues, and best practices in implementing a successful marketing automation program. Participants will leave with a list of practical take-aways they can start using right away, whether they are just starting with marketing automation or looking to improve their established programs.

    Lean Content Development


    Ken Brooks is president of Treadwell Media Group, a publishing operations and strategy consulting firm focused on the higher education and trade publishing sectors.

    Prior to Treadwell he was the Chief Content Officer for the Academic and Professional Learning division of Wiley, where his responsibilities included development and production of higher education, reference, test prep and trade titles. Before Wiley he has held senior positions at Macmillan Learning, McGraw-Hill Education, Cengage Learning, Simon & Schuster, and Random House.


    This workshop is being hosted by PCPA Silver Workshop Sponsor Thomson Reuters Core Publishing Solutions

    Workshop Description:

    For years, publishers in all sectors have been wrestling with the tension between the quintessential human and organic content creation and development processes, and the more procedural and automated production and delivery processes. The challenge publishers face is to make an inherently variable process more predictable and market acceptable by narrowing the range of variability (content quality, format, and schedule) as a title progresses through its transformation until it is ready for market on a specific date in all formats, print and/or digital. Lean content development—which merges the best features of human and automated approaches—is a promising way to address this challenge.

    Millions of people search for products on Amazon every day. Competing amongst other books for their attention requires a lot of work. We'll talk about optimizing your product pages and advertising to get the most out of their search volume.

    This workshop would be best attended by Sales and Marketing professionals.


    Supporting Families in the Digital Age

    Dr. Georgene Troseth is a professor of psychology at Vanderbilt University.
    Workshop Description:
    Digital media engages children’s interest and attention, but parents and teachers express concerns about the quality of products and how to keep screens from taking over children’s lives. A consistent theme emerging from research is children’s need for adult support to maximize the benefits of digital media while avoiding pitfalls. An important way to support children’s productive use of screens include the features that designers may build into digital products or may purposely avoid using.


  • To see the entire conference agenda and to register, please go to the PCPA Annual Conference registration website.

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