Protestant Church-Owned
    Publishers Association

    Helping publishers serve their denominations by providing visionary leadership through the ministry of Christian publishing.

  • Membership

    PCPA has four basic categories of membership.

    Publishing House Members

    include publishers that are the official publishing organizations for their denominations and those that are non-profit and serve Protestant ministries and individuals but aren’t the official publishing house for a denomination. Learn more.

    Adjunct Members
    are companies that provide a wide range of products and services to help our publishing company members do their work. Learn more.


    Freelance Members
    are individuals who provide a wide range of freelance services to help our publishing company members do their work. Freelance Members offer expertise in writing, editing, marketing, design, research, accounting, and more! Learn more.


    Individual or Student Members

    Individual Members are individual people who wish to be engaged with PCPA, but who are not currently employed by a company (unless as a student intern) that is eligible to be a PCPA Publishing Member, Affiliate Member or Adjunct Member. They may be former employees (retired or no longer working) of PCPA Member Companies or students interested in exploring a career in publishing.
    Learn more.


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  • Peer Groups

    Peer groups are one of the most consistently praised aspects of PCPA membership.

    Active groups include:





    Finance, Administration & IT


    Heads of Houses

    Human Resources


    Production and Purchasing


    Sales and Service


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